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Account types

Grand Cayman Capital features trade account clearing and settlement via our online trading platforms. This division offers two online platform solutions for service. By opening your account, you can begin trading today. Find out what our wealth management accounts can do for you.

GCC Spot Account

A GCC Spot Account is a self-trading account. You can open one with a minimum of €1000. As an advanced web-trading platform, this type of account allows you to trade commodities and currencies, taking long or short-term investment positions. 

Using this trading platform, you can access important tools to help you trade on and analyze the markets. With its robust technology platform, a GCC Spot Account offers world-class functionality for individual investors who demand nothing less than digital excellence. 

GCC Creative Wealth Broker Dealer Services

GCC Creative Wealth Investment Dealer Serviced Account is designed for high net worth investors who prefer to rely on a fully managed commodities investment account. Every Investment Dealer Serviced Account is a custom designed trade strategy where the goal is to complement the other areas of a particular client’s worldwide investment holding.  To provide diversification into the commodities markets using leverage and international market liquidity – at just the right time – in search of big returns to offset current low yielding investments and zero interest rate policies.

In order to be eligible for a GCC Creative Wealth Investment Dealer Serviced Account the client must:

  1. Be a high or ultra-high net worth individual with a broad knowledge base of the markets and,
  2. Be able to meet with our team members for a full discovery meeting where we will share further details of our Investment Dealer Services, risk mitigation strategies, and compliance procedures.

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