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Grand Cayman Capital is an investment dealer specializing in the commodities and foreign exchange market. We do not offer trading services for the buying and selling of shares that are listed on any of the world’s stock exchanges.
What we do offer our clients is the ability to trade leveraged contracts where we can speculate on the movement, up or down, of the major market indexes around the world. As part of a dynamic hedging strategy or in reaction to a major market correction a GCC account can have instant real time 24/5 access and take a long or short position with or against major market movements.

Here are some key market indexes:

We are also offering on a wider range the ability to trade leveraged contracts on select major equities:
You can also speculate on a select group of fixed income assets, again by using our high leverage contracts it can be exciting and very rewarding. For example, many of our clients like the US 10 Year Treasury Bond Yield. Historically paying an annual interest rate of 2.5% is has dropped to 0.75 % or lower in the last year. We can use this very strategically as part of a greater overall leverage contract investment plan

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